Logos 2016

    Some Of my Logo Designs During This Year.
  • Twist Restaurant Logo Optionn
  • M3mar Makka Arabic Caligraphy logo.
  • Ajnad Real Estate Arabic caligraphy logo.
  • Nokhbet El-Shark Arabic Caligraphy Logo.
  • Nakeya Company Logo Option
  • Burgerism : The Idea of a creative Icon refers to the burger sandwich and get the first letter of the business "B"
    Check The full presentation from : https://www.behance.net/gallery/34190205/Burgerism-Branding-Corporate-Identity
  • Inspire Advertising Agency : The idea of the first 2 letters in the work "INSPIRE" "IN" Giving the shape of a creative robot thinking. 
  • 7th Continent Logo Idea , Check the full presentation and the concept from : https://www.behance.net/gallery/34271095/7th-Continent-Logo-Idea
  • Twist Restaurant Logo Option
  • Eid Labib Group Logo : The Task was an order of a logo with a crown and "EL" letters so I got out this icon.
  • Smart Real Estate Logo Design.
  • Helen McConnell Photography Logo Design
  • Hungary Gateway Immegration Company to Hungary Logo Design
  • Nakeya Company Logo Option