Pause Fest 2016

    ☞ Full screen + high audio recommended ☜
    I was honored to be invited as 1 of the 10 artists worldwide to participate in 2016 Pause Fest Motion Response.

    ​Concept :
    “What is not seen must be considered as valid as what is seen, whether it is gravity or the miracles of transubstantiation.”
    We are inclined to live in our own little bubble and forget the vastness of existing reality which our eyes cannot directly see.
    One “knows” a world not only in the sense of recognizing it, but also in the act of shaping and “realizing” it.

    We are all navigating on our private atlases. The path is not a given, but is made in the treading of it–we move by our beliefs,
    curiosity, and association. We keep arranging imaginary rhumbs on an ever growing map in a way we associate with
    successful navigation. If we pause to ponder about it, we realize that our map shows all the things we still do not know.

    We are lost, disoriented, we are at sea.
    In partnership with The Foundry.
    For the Pause 2016.
    Direction, Design, FX : Naoko Hara
    Sound Design : John Blackford
    Special Thanks : Andrew Pulaski, Brendan Bellomo, Gerald Mark Soto
    Inspired by the words of– Roger Ames, Stephen S. Hall,
    Sun-Tzu, Tomas Saraceno
    Year : 2015–2016
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