A poster of "YouUsWeAll"//silkscreen practice

  • it is a poster inspired by my favorite song"#Krunk" in the opera" You Us We All".  In this postmodern pop opera by singer-composer Shara Worden and writer-director-designer Andrew Ondrejcak, the buttoned-up allegorical figures of 17th-century court entertainment search for meaning amid celebrity crushes, Lucite chairs, and gym culture. 
    These days when I made this poster, the final due was getting closer and closer as time went on.  I got drunk with  plenty of coffee, staying up all night in a dizzy situation. So I exchanged the glass in her hand with coffee cup, as a little funny symbol of busy young people today. 
    The name of the song"#Krunk" is my hand writing, covering over her dress.
    On the last step, I printed them by silkscreen on several  Acrylic sheets. Then I  assembled them together layer by layer. Golden paper was applied as the background behind them.