DUKE : Health Insurance

  • Below are our working records.

  • These two spots are made in a short amount of time, I did a lot of sets modeling for both of them. Also I participated in the design process. Eventually, it wasn't used but I had some fun brainstorming with the designers.

  • Our lead lighter is Joao Roma, I followed his lead and assisted lighting the endtag of the second spot. The lighting process was fun but optimizing the render was quite challenging. Thanks to our supervisor, Ryan's help and Compoister, Tamiar, we were able to finish it. 

  • Together with Arvid Volz, we follow Yeojin's design and worked on building the dioramas scene. It was quite difficult to match the 2D design at the beginning since these will al be shown in the 3D space. At the end we managed to build these sets are making a paper folded card.

  • I also worked on other miscellaneous props, like the ambulance, earplug, agenda, etc.


    Directed by Buck

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