New York City-Madison Square Park

  • New York-Madison Square Park, 2015, 50" x 50", Acrylic, Oil pastel, on Canvas.

    Unreachable, unfixable, un-understandable stories are in front of me. Ironically, I have to close my eyes to see the parts of them. (Excerpt from “My Diary”) 

    the landscape in daily life is shaped into new world and in that space, they build up another new world. <New York City-Madison Square Park> you can see the scene of a gray color trees, palm trees and tree shape of people in New York Park. and green color people in the park. Likewise my own unusual stories are fragmented and overlapped with the mixed subconscious mind and the symbolized self-image. As Carl Gustav Jung said, "strongly perceived memory becomes latent, changed into unconsciousness color, and appears in the language of dreams whenever the memory is reflected.” It is the moment that his argument becomes reality.