Canal Plastic Branding System

  • Canal Plastics
    Corporate Identity, Branding, Typography design, Texture design, Set design
    Canal Plastics is one of the best place for plastic material in New York City. They have been around for decades and are one of those businesses you can only imagine in New York City.
    There are always amazing art material store on Canal Street. But they are disappearing as new stores are emerging. Earlier this year Pearl Paint on Canal Street closed. I was really depressed about that and thought, thank goodness we still have Canal Plastics.  
    Canal Plastics is inspiring and creative for me all the time. I want to show it's personality visually.
  • Letterform Experiment
    Exploring the special letterform of Canal Plastic from the inspiration of the flexibility and non-light tight characteristics of plastic sheet.

    "Plastic Color & Texture" Experiment
    Exploring the special color and pattern of plastic. Experiment with Photoshop to distort pictures to make plastic texture.