Redesign Time Life books from 1960s

  • SVA Assignment

    ๏​​​​​​​ Overview ๏​​​​​​​
    The Life Science Library is a series of hardbound books published by Time-Life between 1963 and 1967, popular in its prime. Each of the twenty-six volumes explore a major topic of the natural sciences. They are intended for, and written at a level appropriate to, an educated lay readership. Each volume takes complex scientific concepts and provides explanations that can be easily understood.

    ๏​​​​​​​ Objective ๏​​​​​​​
    Create a cohesive branding reinterpretative execution that spans across three separate volumes.

    ๏​​​​​​​ Design ๏​​​​​​​
    This project I picked Man and Space, Time and Mathematics to be my redesigned books.
    Using geometric shapes to simplify the old design and giving a new perspective to readers.