Ricciarelli Branding (Italian Cookie)

  • The Italian Cookie That Put Me Under Its Spell
  • Two years ago, when meeting my grandson for the first time, I was also introduced to an amazingly intoxicating Italian cookie treat that I shared with a few friends back in the Midwest.
    I’d never tasted anything so divine. (And yes, I’ve tasted some amazing items, incredible cookies and habit-forming beverages.)
    Its perfect exterior with a slight crispiness unearths a satisfyingly moist and delicious inner almond flavor that hits your taste buds in a succession of waves. Seriously. It makes teenage infatuation seem as prematurely one dimensional as it often is.
    Made in a small bakery that doesn’t ship (believe me, I asked, begged, coerced, threatened along with any other tactic I thought of, they simply DO NOT SHIP), these cookies were smuggled back with us during our return trip to the Midwest.
    When finally unleashed in the Midwest with some friends, no matter who I shared them with, the response was consistently universal with one word, “It’s…. perfect.”
    That was two years ago.
    So, during a recent trip to San Francisco, I decided, enough was enough.
    I had to share some of these morsels with more people who would enjoy these as much as I did.
    So I did what any responsible designer does:
    I designed a package for this intoxicatingly yummy gift, creating a logo, a package design and even a truck to give the proper presentation for this special creation.
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  • All of the components followed by the inevitable truck application (vroom, vroom) followed by the logo with all the details.