Level Up

  • Challenge
    What to do with all those millions of obsolete-once-essential objects of American know-how? Why not have a show. OBSOLETELY FABULOUS was a SVA MFA Design exhibition curated by Kevin O'Callaghan. The challenge was to transform obsolete objects (high and low tech) into viable new housewares.


    The golden age of arcade video games lasted from the late 70s to mid-90s when home video game consoles made them obsolete. “Level Up” appropriates Midway’s nostalgic 1980 Pac-Man machine, a beautiful object that evokes great memories, to create a bar cabinet. This is an invitation to prepare drinks while enjoying a casual moment like the ones you used to have when going to Flynn’s Arcade. A toast to the good times.
  • Besides my contribution with “Level Up”, I was also in charge of the branding and press release for the event.
  • Curator: Kevin O’Callaghan
    Assistant Curator: Adria Insegneri
    Copywriting: Gilad Foss
    Exhibition Fabrication: Joseph Pastor, Kaori Sakai
    Video: Eren Su Kibele Yarman
    Pac-man is a trademark of Bandai Namco.
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