• Nowadays, subjects like art theory and contemporary thought are changed instead of business management and cultural entrepreneurship in schools of art and design. If one has in account that currently the marked is flooded, since the supply overtakes the demand, what they are doing is throwing the students to the space, to naught. The space that attempts all these professionals expired, and the system carries on preparing and instructing commercial agents.
    hipercuriosidad is a collection of words related to the world of design formalized in a students publication. The idea was to use the extra-university experience of people involved in the world of the design in order to contribute in the formation of the student. This project questions the educational-creative sector, takes place in front of design and thinks about interdisciplinary work, analyzes the pedagogical system of the Bauhaus and Ulm schools and compares them with the present. This project also puts in the spotlight the best universities of Europe according to the Red Dot ranking.
    The hypercuriosity term talks about a kind of person. This name describes the perfect attitude of the designers. Bringing the curiosity to the edge is what leads some people to comprehend the surroundings - people that wants to know and learn because of their nature. These are observant, romantic and ambitious people, who like enjoying of any experience and they take care of every detail. Currently, schools respond to a curriculum which its content is institutionalized. The State decides the content programmed by external agents in the school itself. Therefore, it is not the interests of the students or of the educational community what prevail in the election of the syllabus, but the political and economic interest of the government.
    Students are losing their ability of being critic and thinking individuals. The Bologna Process is a rigid and unchanging program. This is the government’s way to make sure that the school itself could not decide to move away from the curriculum if they do not consider it properly. Thus, the finality is clear: promoting the economic growth of Europe. The education is aimed at the marked and the interests of the European countries. In front of this situation, it is impossible that the students could be self-taught, due to any kind of learning, that is out of the rules or outside the range established, is not taken in account. The choice to work without knowing our aims or what to reach is impossible. This is because now every practice needs a profitable outcome.
    This project has recived a Bronze Laus Award 2016
  • Gmunk pearl, Illustration from Carla Cascales, design from Oriol Arnedo
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