Fierce Loyalty PSA

  • Fierce Loyalty PSA - Safety Plan
    Role: TD, Art Director, Designer, Animator, Compositor

    Live action PSA integrated with animation for the U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs to help spread awareness of PTSD and veteran suicide prevention.

    Produced to help veterans and their loved ones understand the importance of creating a safety plan tailored to individual or family needs that can support someone in the home who may be in crisis. The video tells the story of how working with VA counselors to create and implement a safety plan helped one Veteran and his family, and encourages others to talk with their health care providers about safety planning.

  • The premise of the spot starts with an interview of a veterans wife. Tracy recalls her moments with her husband Mark who is a war veteran. She takes us on a journey, recalling moments with her husband Mark. She highlights happy family moments with Mark, and his PTSD episodes. She goes on to explain how her and Mark got help from the Veterans affairs hotline.
  • Fierce Loyalty
    Full Spot
    ERT: 2 min 15 sec
  • Storyboards
  • Behind the scenes
    Images courtesy of People's Television
  • Composited Shots
    The following are key animations moments included int he final cut.
  • Process
    The following are some before & after shots.
  • Crew Shot
    Courtesy of People's Television
    ​​​​​​​Production: People's Television (DC/NYC)
    Directors: Nicholas Bruckman & Ryder Haske
    DP: Adam Benn
    Associate Producer: Lulu Ward
    Editor: David Jaffe, Chad Horn
    Stroyboards: Coral Anderson & Fabian Tejada
    Technical Direction: Fabian Tejada
    Art Direction: Zoe Zimet, Fabian Tejada
    Animation & Compositing: Fabian Tejada