Legolas by Laura

  • Oh, where does one begin...?

    Okay, so there's this fanfiction, right? It was written by some poor, unsuspecting, nine-year-old girl about Lord of the Rings, and basically we took it and made a movie out of it, making sure to change none of the dialogue and adapt only liberally from the source material. It's actually begun to get quite a fan following on YouTube.

    Because that's what filmmaking is all about: adapting screenplays from awful fanfiction to make fake trailers to movies that will never get made. With music by Creed. 

    We have become mighty. 
  • Left to right: Sean Brennan, Rob O'Rourke, McKenna Sickels, Jeremy Sickels, and Zach Steere. 
  • Co-writer and co-director Jeremy Sickels as Legolas. This was the first project I undertook as part of a directing team, and the results speak for themselves. 
  • Brendan Steere as "The Dark Lord" suddenly questions the whole endeavor. 
  • Alexandra DiTullio as Laura, Jeremy Sickels as Legolas.