The Phil files. ESPN online

  • ESPN commissioned me to illustrate some exclusive interviews to Phil Jackson, former star coach -now president of the New York Knicks. The interviews were conducted by basketball expert Charley Rosen every month of last season and revolved around building an effective team in one of the Knick´s toughest seasons. Art direction by ESPN creative director Neil Jamieson. 
    I tend to illustrate dynamic scenes so it was really fun and challenging to come up with editorial concepts to push the ideas behind the texts a little further. 
    Below the final pieces, links to the texts and process. Thanks for taking a look! 
  • The battle ahead
  • Taking the long road
  • Coach Jackson steps in
  • The trade that shook New York
  • Everybody is a critic
  • Turning to the future
  • Final evaluations
  • Draft day
  • A new beginning
  • The Phil Files - Discarded sketches
  • A new beginning
  • The Phil Files - process
  • Link to interviews and finished pieces here