District 5

  • District 5 is a new retouching agency based in New York City. Focusing primarily on cosmetics, fashion, and jewelry, Disctrict 5's specific clientele demanded an identity system that was as elegant as the objects being captured, but with enough grit and mystique to stand out. In addition, interactions with photographs would be essential to the ecosystem of the brand.
    Built on the notion that the brand must interact with photography in a dynamic, engaging way, the identity uses the number 5 as its primary mark, an anchor point around which the brand content can orbit. The 5 is bold, yet unobtrusive. It leans slightly towards an industrial setting while still remaining elegant and luxurious. Although it does not subscribe to any particular style, its smooth curves and uniform stroke weight evoke the Bauhaus alphabets. Though its stylings are anonymous, its interactions with photography through the unique grid system allow it to compliment the personality of any context in which it is applied.