Puerta al Mar - Official obstacle for CSIO 2015

  • On occasion of the International Jumping Contest CSIO Barcelona, 2015, the obstacle “Puerta al Mar” honors Barcelona’s friendly hospitality, a worldly renowned quality of the city, whose visitors have long enjoyed during the multiple sports and cultural events the city has hosted over the years.  
    In many ways, the city of Barcelona is open to the sea, both morphologically and in terms of it’s personality. This quality was especially present when it opened up to the world by hosting the 1992 Olympic Games; setting a standard within the sport and cultural world and simultaneously catalyzing an ongoing transformation that has been improving the city ever since.
  • The design of the obstacle “Puerta al Mar‘ originates from the reconceptualization of an iconic section of our skyline; The Barcelona Towers and Frank Gehry’s Golden Fish. Built on the coastal promenade of the Barceloneta neighborhood for the 92 Olympic games, these three symbolic elements have become an emblem of Barcelona’s urban makeover and still today greet visitors.
    Inspired in Minimal Art, the design’s formal materialization resolves in the lightness of it’s elements, composed by clean linear shapes that pursue a balance between emptiness and fullness, continually conveying the essence of the two towers and the sculpture.
    “Puerta al Mar” reveals the innovative appeal and openness of the city and invites to taste the charm of its coast.