Can design touch someone's heart? That was the challenge for this project: to explore the relationship between design and touching someone's heart, preferably someone that you do not know very well. I decided to create something for Jenny – she used to work at the Gramercy Food Market, and I would see her everyday on my way to school when I bought my morning coffee. I interviewed her husband to find out more about her and her hobbies so that I could design something that would hopefully be meaningful to her. I found out that she is from Mexico, she is very interested in her culture and heritage, and she has a pet parrot back in Mexico. She was pregnant at the time too, and was expecting a baby girl called Katelyn. I decided to illustrate, print, stitch, and package a pillow for Jenny and her baby girl, inspired by Mexican colors and patterns, and with a Spanish lullaby printed on the inside of the box. I then asked her husband to give her the gift and record her reaction.
    School of Visual Arts, New York
    MFA Design Entrepreneurship program
    Design Direction – Stefan Sagmeister