QWRKOUT (www.qwrkout.com) is an outdoor dance fitness program that I have created for my MFA Design Entrepreneurship thesis project at the School of Visual Arts in New York, based on my interest in fitness, my love for the outdoors, and my constant need for human interaction. It combines a variety of dance workouts with the silent-disco experience in NYC parks. QWRKERS (QWRKOUT enthusiasts) dance and workout outdoors without disrupting others, as the instructor’s music is broadcast via a radio transmitter, and the signal is picked up by wireless headphones worn by QWRKERS.
    Based on my market research, I highlighted the cultural relevance for this product in today's always-connected, mobile-first world. I came up with the name, created my own typeface and designed the brand's visual strategy. I analyzed the market size and opportunity, researched the competition, conducted prototypes, created an ad campaign and produced marketing materials. A business model and plan were created for a revenue and cost analysis, and potential sponsors and partners were researched. So don’t just workout, QWRKOUT!
    School of Visual Arts, New York
    MFA Design Entrepreneurship program