Visualising Orientalism: Orientalism and Napoleon

    Orientalism and Napoleon: Augmenting Edward Said's critical study with Bonaparte's Campaign in Egypt
    Two week university project
    One of main problems I encountered with interpreting Said’s writing correctly when reading the introduction to Orientalism for the first time was his complex use of language that is not easy to understand when read in long sentences (a tendency by which he seems to adhere).
    As a way of breaking up this large body of text, as well as allowing the reader to understand the ideas Said intended to express in the unedited version of his essay, illustrations have been introduced to support some of the main arguments and concepts within the text.
    The French Campaign in Egypt was a journey I decided to research and document to accompany the introduction to Orientalism, as it is well documented through the efforts of 167 scholars that Napoleon bought along to record the expedition, who went on to publish Description de l’Égypte, a series of 23 publications which offered a comprehensive scientific description of ancient and modern Egypt.
    Arranging the material like this, the reader can connect with literature and other works from the past and engage with the Orientalist explorers of the past, whilst also being supplemented with the enlightened work of Said, and how these Orientalist expeditions are being interpreted today.
    78 page journal (various page sizes)
    Printed on Canford Paper Yellow, Champagne, Frosted Gold, China White and Ice White, 150gsm
    Khadi Lokta Washi Paper, 40gsm
    Typography Akzidenz Grotesk BQ, Romana BT & Athelas
    Journal Sections: Introduction to Orientalism, The French Campaign in Egypt and Napoleon's speeches
    Key concept illustrations
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