Rum City - High 5 Games

  • Rum City is one of my most favorite games that I've worked on, since I've been with High 5 Games. For this game, I came up with the concept, design and polishing of the speakeasy style pick bonus rounds. I loved the idea of the hiding of items and secret compartments during prohibition.
    All three types of pick bonus animations, the 4x3, 4x4, and 4x5 gives you Rum barrels, liquor bottles, and fancy decanters. Each pick bonus offering more choices and more picks, for fancier prizes. All of the shelves swinging open and bottle reveals, were done in Maya and touched up in After Effects. Once the game was tinkered and finished, the last things that I was create demo animation, displaying Rum City's gameplay and package the game for our client, Bally.

  • This was my Art Department, involved in the excellent art work and animations for the game:

    Art Director: Michael Rothenberg

    Illustration: John Thompson & Vince Evans

    Animation: Bruce Walk and Michael Cocuzza

    Production Artist: Veronica Eikov