"Peeping Tom" - Based on the story of Lady Godiva

  • Thesis Project Description
    Yonghee (Amy) Kim’s Peeping Tom (2014) is a 2.5D animation, which explores the legendary story of Lady Godiva. Presented through the perspective of Peeping Tom and Godiva, the narrative unfolds with humor despite the serious moral lesson of the original Lady Godiva tale. Conceived in three acts, the animation intertwines multiple viewpoints to elucidate the complexity of the story’s self-sacrifice theme. Kim adeptly layers meaning as she reveals Lady Godiva as an emblem of love and self-sacrifice, and Peeping Tom as a symbol of voyeurism.
    For the process of "Peeping Tom"
  • Artist Statement
    As a visual artist, I am an inspiring storyteller, who uses motion graphics to imbue the ordinary with new and previously unimagined meanings. I believe that one great story can change the path of our lives. To be an effective visual communicator, I harness the power of symbols to reveal hidden meanings. Symbolism empowers an animation’s message through an imagination that probes the unconscious and mysteries of human behavior. In particular, I use color and lighting to expand my creative reach and explore an intersection of psychology and intellect based on traditional color theories.