2014 Peter Pan Thesis

  • Summary: 
    These are a cover and 3 pages from my 2014 Thesis for SVA. The Theme was Beautiful Losers. This is not to be confused with tragic heroes. Not all "beautiful losers" are heroes. In the case of Captain James Hook the previous statement rings true. Peter Pan is riddled with such characters. Peter himself is a boy bound to eternity as a child and destined to keep forgetting in order to always be childish, experiencing things anew. Soon The Lost Boys, Wendy, and even Tinkerbell are to be forgotten. Peter is such a lonesome character in that aspect. Captain Hook on the other hand, is much more relatable, as his troubles range from the supernatural to the mundane. He is haunted by the notion of his mortality and battles with rather human insecurities ("bad form")
    General Thoughts: