Redesigning LUNA - Real Heroes Need Real Nutrition

  • School of Visual Arts
    Instructor Kevin Brainard
    May 2015
    Packaging Assignment – Redesign the packaging of a product you like or dislike.
    LUNA bars are a brand of granola/nutrition bars for women. I eat on average six LUNA bars per week, and I am not alone. LUNA, owned and created in 1999 by Cliff Bar & Company is the first nutrition bar aimed at women and is currently one of the top selling nutrition bars in the United States.
    There are more than 20 different flavors to choose from.
  • LUNA supports various causes specifically to empower women which I think is a great way for them to really follow through on their mission statement. (LUNA fest, Sponsorships, Nike Marathon to name a few). I wanted this kind of encouragement to be more visible on the packaging of the bar and that’s how the “Real Women Need Real Nutrition” concept emerged.
    This visualization of the nutrition bar celebrates kick-ass women in general. I wanted the women on the packaging through their accomplishments, their ambition and their courage to encourage other women to go out in the world and create the lives they wanted for themselves. Through using imagery of women that has helped paved the way for feminism and gender equality I wanted to signify both the diversity and the power real women represent. 
    For the first two prototypes I chose tennis hero and LGTB spokesperson Billie Jean King and founder of MS. Magazine, author and famous feminist Gloria Steinem. Furture women to be featured on the LUNA bars could be Emilia Earhart, Kathleen Hannah, Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsbourg, Maya Angelou to name a few.
  • The printed packaging is made from recyclable paper and the bar itself is sealed of and air tight with a thin plastic wrapping. The printed packaging has three images of its “lead-lady” on the front as well as specifications such as taste, nutrition etc. On the reverse you can read about her life and accomplishments.