Junior Portfolio Review

  • Junior Portfolio Review
    School of visual Arts
  • Noise, Pattern, Texture, Render, This year was Extreme, to say the least. This production, of a Book & an iPad App, was the giving birth of these past 9 months. These hold 15 of my best project made in 5 classes: Communication Design (Under Jessica Walsh & Timothy Goodman), Typography (Under Scott Buschkuhl) , Information Design (Under John Grimwade), Mograph (Under Marco Ruesta) & Motion Graphics (Under Ori Kleiner) - at the School of visual Arts.
    Production Specs:
    Book - 120 pages Perfect Bind
    iPad App - Folio Builder (InDesign)
    Box/Binder - Hand made Binder with iPad Holder
    Tote - Silk Screened Moji Tote Bag