Maps of Getting Lost

  • Maps of Getting Lost
    The mind is always full of constant questions that pass by and so many  get forgotten without being answered. My mind tends to question things that already seemed answered by someone else, since their answer might not be the correct answer for me. I question the things that we might feel that we already know. Elementally, I think there are more varieties of meaning than a single reason. A single idea can change and transform its meaning when we give it a second thought, or juxtapose it with things that we would never think of together. We might surprisingly find a whole different special meaning.
    This is an experimental editorial design with my own photos and hand written quotes. I have put quotes and sentences that might give us a second or third meaning to be understood, I want every interpretation to be different from one person to another. Also, different-sized pages are added in this book to shift thoughts, and some pages are meant for a break of thought. I wanted to step out of the ordinary and bring another way of thought process by these quotes. 
  • Zemeta Choi, 2015 NYC