Go Ask Alice...Concept Art

  • Concept art for Alice in Wonderland, 2014.
  • The March Hare:
    In the morn
    Sir Harey wakes
    He drinks until the kettle breaks
    Because the Hatter's
    Hems and Chatters
    Give his bunny brain the shakes
  • Mad Hatter and March Hare concepts:
    March Hare: inspired by Boxer veteran with PTSD.
    Mad Hatter: going as Ray Charles. 
  • In-progress developmet.  For a story about altered states of reality, I quite like the characters floaty and unrefined.
  • Alice, Dina, and the Angry flowers concept
  • Caterpillar concept
  • Caterpillar concept.
  • Cheshire Cat concept: as "it's all just an act".
  • Cheshire Cat: apperently smiling has become a chore.
  • Talking flowers concept.
  • Talking flowers concept.
  • Talking flowers concept: (note the punny pussy willows ;) )