Will Letter for Lunch | Lauren Hom

  • Lauren Hom - Will Letter For Lunch is a personal project born out of Lauren's love for lettering and food. The idea is simple: She will go around New York City and letter restaurant signs and menus in exchange for the exact food items lettered and written out. The result? Beautiful signage for restruants and businesses and a full belly for Lauren! (Client: Personal, Year: 2014-Ongoing)
  • “One Woman’s Plan to Hand-Write Menus in Exchange for Food” - Grub Street
    “After observing the various in-house written chalkboard menus in the restaurants that she visited, graphic designer Lauren Hom decided that she could probably give them a hand, literally, in making them look better.” - DesignTaxi
    Graphic designer Lauren Hom has a knack for hand-written lettering that is precise, modern and just a tad whimsical. - BuzzFeed
  • “Lauren Hom came up with a million-grilled-cheese idea: hand-write menus and get paid… in tasty food.” - HNGN
    “A brilliant way to score free meals: she spruces up restaurant menus with handwritten typography in exchange for food.” - Fine Dining Lovers
    “…an endeavor which utilizes her artistic abilities in exchange for food.” - Design You Trust
    “The New York-based illustrator has found a way to use her set of skills to instantly put food on the table. And not just any food, but specials served at restaurants all over New York.” - Working Not Working
    “Hom-hand letters a restaurant menu chalkboard, asking nothing for payment other than the dish she inscribes on the board.” - InspireFirst
    This Woman Trades Beautiful Hand-lettered Menus for Food - FoodBeast
    “The twist is her quirky stipulation that any food she writes about must be served to her.” - Doodlers Anonymous
    “I don’t know what looks better, her handiwork or the amazing meals she was able to chow down on in return.” - CoolThing
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