Kia Rex

  • Early ideas
  • Concept Art
  • Final Animation
  • I grew up in an alley neighborhood. That alleyway always struck me as my favorite playground. I had so many sweet memories and emotional connections there.
    And then I grew up and moved away.
    I always wished going back and visiting but never got the chance. Life kept me so busy. Until one day, my dad told me that place was going to be pulled down. My family went back and want to take a last look at it.
    To my surprise, the alley looked way much shorter than I remembered. And there were only several trees and rocks here and there. It looked so boring now. 
    I stood there, astonished. 
    I finally got the chance to go back, and I realized I can't actually go back anymore. The alley never changed, it's me that has changed.

    I wish this piece could remind you of those days when every little thing is still a wonder to you.