is a sad love story that ends with the continuation of the starting point of the play. The setting of the story takes us back to World War 1 and the constant letters between two lovers during the war, even after the man dies during the war Mary’s constant memories of him spins in her head.
    This is a conceptual playbook with special round binding that connects with the concept of the story that the end is the beginning and beginning is the end.
    I thought of a Rolodex comparison to the constant rotation of memories that Mary had when she was in love. Therefore, the round binding of the playbook was the solution, where there is no specific starting or an ending point since the play itself begins at the end and ends at the beginning. The typefaces on the Rolodex and the paper used for the book reflect the time period of the war.
  • Thank you! - Zemeta Choi, NYC 2015