Nude By Rihanna Site Experience

  • Rihanna was launching her new fragrance and wanted an interactive way to engage with fans.
    The Nude by Rihanna campaign was designed to give customers a unique digital experience that showcases how a offline fragrance can be taken to an online digital experience. Our approach was to create a unique tone of voice, a fun and sophisticated experience while giving users quality content they can trust, share and revisit. 
  • Designing for an experience.
    With a fully responsive and parallax site experience, we tapped into Rihanna's fashion-forward and celebrity lifestyle making 'Nude' something worth talking about. 
  • Taking it a step further.
    To promote the fragrance further, we launched customized interactive installation that  traveled with Rihanna on her US/International tour. The installation promoted her new fragrance and allowed fans to engage in real-time via instagram, twitter and facebook.
  • Making users loyalists.
    Users continuously engaged on social, mobile and interacted with Rihanna's custom content. Her fragrance had increased sales both online and at premium retailers and was featured on media pickups such as