Takayuki's World

  •      On April 14th, 1999, Takayuki, a young man, dressed as a plumber conned his way into an apartment in Hikari-Shi, Yamaguchi, Japan, and attempted to sexually assault Motomura Yayoi, the housewife. The housewife, and her 11-month-old baby were killed. The young man was arrested 4 days later.
        However, Takayuki was only 18-years old when he committed the crime, and was under the age of majority in Japan. Sparkling debates arose on whether capital punishment should apply to this young man. At the same time, lawyers who were against the death penalty volunteered to defend Takayuki, while the husband of the victim was also busy seeking justice for his lost ones... 
        My inspiration comes from pattern and interpretations of Tarot cards, as well as colors and printing technique of Hanafuda, a type of Japanese playing cards.