The Fate Of Our Brave

  • Featured Character #1:
    Futuristic Samurai (Male)
  • Featured Character #2:
    Futuristic Samurai (Female)
  • Rough Draft
    Also, to add more intensity, i decided to use the "David vs Goliath" theme to portray a mismatch of epic proportions (literally). To reach this extreme angle goal, i've decided to use a 3 point perspective with the camera angle looking from the ground up. The environment i decided to put this standoff in will on a highway within an urban metropolis.
  • Line Art
    The next is to come up with the line art to guide the outcome of the painting. At this stage, i felt like i that i wasnt satisfied with the male samurai's first running pose so decided to experiement with other sprinting motion poses. This was a frustrating process but finally came up with the one i was content with.
  • Background #1
    The first step for the background was to decide what kind of color scheme i wanted to use. I mainly wanted an evening setting  so decided to use the purple-orange-yellow scheme. The next step was to was to add the buildings in and the highway where the 2 warriors are facing off.
  • Background #2
    I didnt plan on using alot of sunlight at first but then went against it because it enhances the portrayal of the evening setting
  • Character Coloring:
    The next step was to color the characters in. You may notice that even though the female samurai have her normal green armor color, the male samurai doesnt. The reason why is that i wanted to portray the male samurai as a silouhette figure charging at her with the light source behind him. I felt that if i made the towering figure shrouded in dark shadows, it would make him look more intimidating.
  • Details and Adjustments:
    The final step was to add in the smaller details, such as the windows, lights and the textures . The environment adjustments were a bit tricky because i had to darken and brighten certain areas of the background and characters. The adjustments also included fading and enhancing the colors until it felt complete