• Sweet Talk is a creative data cuisine piece (or should we say, data culinarization?) about Israeli politics, inspired by the general elections held on March 17th, 2015. It examines the relationship between campaign promises and delivery on them as demonstrated in the 2013 elections, and asks: what do the Israeli politicians feed the public? how much is campaign interests and how much is actual substance? 
    The data is expressed as chocolate candy. The pieces will represent political parties that were voted into the Knesset (the Israeli parliament). From the outside, it will look like delicious candy; but the filling will reveal whether what you see is also what you get — or are you being misled and misfed? The only way to really read the data is by eating the candy. 
  • For the data, I collected the platforms and declarations of the 2013 campaigns and compared them to actual parliamentary activity and actions from news sources and the Open Knesset independant database. Parties were scored into 3 categories - 1) Delivered 2) Partial/abstained 3) Contradictory - and filled accordingly.
  • First prototype: making chocolate tablets
  • Candy iteration