Thesis Project: Hummbowl

  • What if you could scan objects and they told you stories about people you have no access to? 
    What if you could share something intimate and personal with each other without even meeting?
  • The Hummbowl is storytelling tableware co-designed and exchanged between people of the Middle East.
    In the Middle East, the common way to eat hummus is by wiping or dipping it from the bowl with pieces of pita bread. Every person has their own ritual and hand style for it. At the end of the meal the bowl is left with a pattern, the product of your personal eating gesture - a 'dip-print'.
    The inner face of each Hummbowl is embossed with someone's three dimensional dip-print. A code is printed on the outer face. Scan the code and the bowl will tell you whose dip-print is in it, and what their story is. 

    Participants' words and stories will not be edited.  
  • In each Hummbowl, someone's hand style and story is preserved, and shared with you.
    You can use the bowl for whatever purpose - although really, the best use for it would be eating hummus. 
  • Hummbowl is my thesis project at DSI. The full project can be found here: