RageHaus Identity

  • RageHaus Identity
    Letters from the 1940's are reborn as fresh forms of today.
  • Back in 2008, Kimberly Munn and myself teamed up to form a design studio. When searching for a name, we wanted something that captured our youthful energy and fire for design. After turning over several stones, we came upon RageHaus.

    We wanted a logo that was bold, something that really had some weight to it. But we also wanted to showcase the different perspectives between the two of us. After working with Mark van Bronkhorst's Bovine as inspiration, we crafted a set of the letters we needed. The final logotype is something reminiscent of the super bold forms of yesteryear, but timeless enough to last well into the new millennium.

    After a few years as a design studio, the time had come for RageHaus to adapt to a new forum. Today, RageHaus dedicates itself to presenting contemporary, young talent in the visual fields of art, design, video, and typography.
  • Final logo and letterforms.
  • Logo stylized and used on website, RageHaus.com (Version 3.0)
  • Early logo development sparked by Mark van Bronkhorst's, Bovine.
  • Logo study with ink, brush, and Sharpie.