Cleveland Browns Rebrand

  • Cleveland Browns
    Rebrand 2015

    2015 began a new chapter for the Cleveland Browns. They are the most nationally recognizable symbol of Cleveland. With the strength of their unwavering fan base, and alongside the city, the Browns are a driving and unifying force in Cleveland. This new rebrand honors the past while evolving into the future.
    This year also marked the 30th anniversary of the Dawg Pound, which provided a unique opportunity to modernize its symbolism. The Dawg Pound represents one of the most iconic fan bases in all of sports and is a unifying identity of all Cleveland Browns faithful. The new mark is a nod to the youthful and dynamic evolution of the city. It’s a show of Cleveland’s attitude, enthusiasm, and relentless spirit to persevere.
    The identity system and helmet design was created by the NFL. Based off the brand development and working collaboratively with the NFL, Nike designed the Browns uniform.

    Created for the Cleveland Browns and the National Football League