That Day - A Short Story

  • School of Visual Arts
    For this project in Warren Lehrer's class "The Visual Book" the assignment was to compose a text for a book as a space/time capsule. We were asked to begin the text with the phrase "I remember".
    My "I remember" is about a boy I met when I was sixteen and the story is particularly about a day in June 2006. It's about being so certain of the world and your place in it and then figuring out that what you thought was real, was only your own perception of the term, and ment something quite different to another. 
  • I printed on transparent film as this is a recollection of a memory, so in order for the reader to see some of the same things as I unconsciously do when recalling it, I thought I would just be very transparent or barefaced in both the writing and in the visualization. You can see everything from the start, though the story and through me.
  • I loved this project because even though my sixteen year old self said she would never forget, she did, so revisiting the past was fascinating because I could have never imagined at that time that remembering would eventually be even harder than forgetting.