I Copied This For You

  • School of Visual Arts
    December 2014
  • I copied this for you is because I wanted to show you what kind of stories would and could evolve from combining and mixing some of the songs I grew up listening too.
  • I wondered what a verse could look like extracted from the rest of the song – would it have any special meaning to anyone but myself? Further, what would happen if I paired two songs that had absolutely nothing in common and forced them to converse – could I create semi-reasonable dialogues? 
  • Imagine: A universe where Bob Dylan and Julie Andrews are singing a duet ­– a mix of living hills and a slightly annoying harmonica; BoJu having a conversation with each other through the lyrics and getting somewhere or nowhere with it. What would happen if Lionel Richie popped in to say "Hello"? Would it ruin the moment?
  • It seemed only right that since I was copying the lyrics from songs that I'd just physically copy everything as well, so I did. For some images I color printed, scanned, printed them out again and then copied them before I scanned them again. I spent days copying my face and I suggest and highly recommend you do the same sometime.
  • I printed the book on cheap colored paper and some white paper. There is no set order to the pages printed on color other than the covers being different from each other. I can copy as many as I want, so give me a shout and I'll maybe send you a copy. 
  • "I Copied This For You" is the result of Warren Lehrer's project "On the other hand: a book in two or more parts". The brief said that we had to write, design and produce a book with more than one perspective. 

    In "I Copied This For You"  there are 18 stories and 34 perspectives since I've combined 32 different songs and divided them into 18 visualizations. The book(let) has 72 pages and it took four days to make.