SpaceShip Inc. - Deliver for the homeless

  • Many people give out food and clothing to people on the streets.  However, SpaceShip Inc. want to enfranchise the homeless with a novel approach. To enable the receiving of “handouts” with more dignity and respect, we'll deliver essentials to them wrapped in packages as if they did in fact have a mailing address. 

    Our project is being launched in MFA Design Studio, School of Visual Arts, New York. We have made 20 packages and have tested out our idea. It works perfectly. Now we want to give out more packages and enabling additional people to be more comfortable this winter. 

    Why we call it SpaceShip Inc.?

    Everyone has difficult times at some point in their lives, including me.  A homeless guy at The Bowery Mission told me: “My life now seems to be in outer space and I’m an astronaut. There’s no gravity. I’m floating. There’s no sound. It’s empty.” We are delivering them supplies to survive in space.

    Can design touch someone's heart?
    Yes, we believe so!