• For our Leadership & Entrepreneurship class we've grouped into little start up teams to develop ideas for social ventures. I've teamed with Maria Fernanda Perez, Pragya Mishra, Covadonga Abril Paredes and Jennifer Emmons to develop an idea for a web-based platform to streamline the supply chain between people who want to discard furniture, people who need furniture on a budget and the movers that facilitate the transaction. The ultimate goal is to minimize the amount of waste in landfills from good furniture that could serve someone who needs it. 
    We did research and identified gaps in the user experience of existing solutions like Craigslist, Freecycle, etc., mostly having to do with safety, transportation and less-than-user-friendly platforms. We wanted to create a comfortable experience for all stakeholders that would get more people making these kind of exchanges instead of just throwing the furniture to the street because it's less of a hassle.
  • On Nov. 15th we participated in a prototyping hackathon, ProtoHack, to develop and pitch the prototype for our idea. I was responsible for building the prototype mock-up from screens Pragya designed.