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  • Unique Board Feed Concept

    One of the many concepts from my time interning with Unique Network Inc.

    While working on a newer version of the Unique board site that involved more social functionality, a study was done to see how social network function and what elements made them usable.
    This concept encompasses the research gleamed from the social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
    The goal was to be able to introduce this social networking functionality to the current site because it was found through user feedback that there was a want and need for a way to exchange ideas in order to improve collaboration abilities.
    Because it can be hard to keep track of public conversation elements of color and visual hierarchies were introduced to a news feed, blending familiar elements so user adoption would be easy and seamless
    This Feed Concept would later go on to build on the UB Company Concept. 

    // 2014
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