EL and AR

  • An excerpt from
    the narrative of EL and AR:
    "We begin with a tale of two stories. But please forgive me, for I am part of neither. All you need to know for the time being is that I am here for you, the reader, as a translator. Our two stories follow two brothers. They grew up together, blissfully happy. For the sake of anonymity we shall call them EL and AR.
    They came into this world amidst a boom of culture, population, and incredible options. They were sheltered from most of this progression and unrest for the first part of their lives. Here is where my job as the translator comes into play. EL and AR aren't of this human world that we know. They are what you might call guardians or ghosts, dependent on your vocabulary."
  • Written, Designed, and Produced by myself.
    Class: Writing & Designing the Visual Book
    Professor: Warren Lehrer
    Fall 2014 Semester
    School of Visual Arts, MFA Designer as Author + Entrepreneur