• Looking:

    Date: Fall 2014
    Context: Graduate
    Time Frame: 5 weeks
    The Prompt: Create a dating app experience that utilizes both mobile and wearable technology.
    Skills: Group Ideation, UX Design, UI Design, and Storytelling 

    Looking is an app which pairs with a wearable to change how the dating scene works using smart contacts.  
  • When we started this project, we tried to think about the different ways that people meet each other. We found that our target audience were made up of people who enjoyed meeting others serendipitously as opposed to pre-set dates. In parallel with this discovery, the idea of digital stalking became a focal point for us to avoid. Our goal was to marry the serendipity of meeting people out and about with the convenience of having digital profiles. 
  • When you sign up for a Looking profile, you’ll be sent a pair of contacts or adhesive for your current glasses. These devices are fitted with a recognition system linked to your Looking profile. Once you make eye contact with another Looking user, your compatibility percentage will pop up on your phone.
    This notification will also have a brief explanation as to where you and this new person are most aligned as a means to kick off a conversation. Once you’ve met each other, Looking will ask if you’d like to give away access to your profile and information to each other. 
    Looking fuses the familiarity and physicality of meeting someone face-to-face with the technological benefits of online dating! 
  • Group project done with Yaxin Bai, Qiuoshuo Li (Behance page here), and Goeun Seo (Behance page here)
    Direction: Leland Maschmeyer
    School of Visual Arts, MFA Designer as Author + Entrepreneur