Taylor's Closet - Photo Series

  • In 2006, Lindsay Giambatista founded Taylor’s Closet, a non-profit fashion boutique in Fort Lauderdale. The store was build on the principle of offering girls living in foster care, bouncing from house to house often with only a bag of belongings in hand, something they never had: a waredrobe of their own. Each girl is given a shopping spree in the latest fashion trends all donated by Free People, BCBG, Anthropologie, and Forever 21, to name a few. What began as an external transformation for these at-risk youth became a wellspring of internal inspiration. Being adorned in high-end fashion opened their eyes to a positive perspective of their self-worth. At the same time, Taylor’s Closet began life skills classes and a mentorship program to prepare the girls for success when they will age out of foster care. In 2012, Lindsay Giambatista was named one of the top 5 finalists for Seventeen Magazine’s “Pretty Amazing Contest”.
  • Lindsay Giambatista, founder of Taylor's Closet. 
    Portraits of teens in mentorship program at Taylor's Closet.

  • Get involved by donating or becoming a forever family or mentor to girls in foster care through Taylor's Closet in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (www.taylorscloset.org)