Daily Drawing 12/26/2014 - 01/05/2015

  • My other ongoing project, draw at least one drawing a day.  Recently I've been too busy to work on my bigger projects, so I decided to draw small and quite simple drawings that I can do in 5-10 min.  Even if I'm too busy, I can always make 10 min free time for myself.  This is a very important project for me to never stop creating.
    (Project started on June,04,2014)
  • My dog got a new house for Christmas! 
    I parked his car next to it. XD 
  • A warm Saturday afternoon. 
  • Big feet. 
  • I’m so busy lately with this little thing. 
    I’m farming even in my dreams!! XD
  • Sunset in Japan. 
  • Happy New Year everyone!!!
  • Japanese New Year scene. 
    Welcoming the New Year with clean blankets! 
  • Quick sketch at Showa Kinen Park. 
    It was such a nice walk. 
  • My Gamer. 
  • Knitting all day. 
  • Tree and Crow.