PROGRAM (animation showreel)

  • PROGRAM Showreel 2014
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    As long as a program is inserted into a machine, the machine will follow the program no matter what.
    In the year 2041, three years after World War III, there is no human existence. The reason why there is no one left on this planet was because of the creation of deadly machines. Mankind had created a killing machine called the Terminator. Humans had assembled deadly weapons on the Terminator, and used them in the war. Ever since then, Earth has been a silent star of its own.
    In one of the thousands of abandoned robot factories, the Terminator 10, a handicapped robot, had been destroyed in the assembly line. The Terminator 10 had never been distributed into the warzone. Suddenly, the robot is activated and has awakened from a long sleep.
    Unexpectedly, the silence in the room is broken by the sound of a siren. The Terminator 10 sees another robot, the Terminator 3. The Terminator 3 has been sent out from a tube. They make eye contact, and Terminator 10 finds itself incomplete compared to Terminator 3. It then attempts to try to rebuild itself.
    A sparkling light has caught Terminator 10’s attention. The robot tries to examine a computer, which unconsciously evokes the computer. Abruptly the Red Alert project is inserted into the Terminator 10’s computer. Now, the only thing that Terminator 10 can do is to follow the program.