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    Strategy / Copy / Design

    What started out as an undergraduate assignment grew into a passion project. I wanted to apply my knowledge gained in the MPS Branding program and revamp the project, taking it beyond just an identity design project.

    Initially, the assignment was to design 100 different logos for a business in less than 24 hours. Once completed, the final identity would be applied to stationery suite and a storefront.

    Upon researching the comic book industry, I discovered comic book sales were down 13% in 2017 as consumers increasingly switch to digital platforms for purchase, like Amazon. This challenge posed as the perfect opportunity for an exciting immersive brand experience.

    Create an out-of-book brand experience where comics come to life within the store environment, instilling brand loyalty within consumers and sparking joy in readers.

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  • The colour palette and typography selection is indicative of the playful, retro and punchy brand identity. Frontage 3D, a layered type system is evocative of comic book action that leaps out each page. Futura Std bold and Gotham  medium support the bold structure of the logotype to add a strong, foundational element.
  • The process of naming Paragon Comics involved researching comic culture and brainstorming over 200 names. Paragon, "the model of excellence, ideal instance or perfect embodiment," speaks to the company as being the ultimate place for comic book lovers and people who crave out-of-the-box experiences.

    Developing the brand voice, I thought about a typical comic book consumer as well as a potential consumer. The language was reinforced by the brand's value in humour, approachability and imagination. Using comic culture references for colour naming (ex: Dark Night) as well as capitalizing on fun made-up words (ex: ComicCase) creates a playful narrative.
  • When it came time to breathe life into the store environment, the brand's playfulness supported by its bold features needed to be expressed in the space. Textured spaces, pops of strong colours paired with a white canvas make the in-store experience lively. 

    The store front is meant to pique curiosity with art deco roots and a modern design flavour appealing to young adults and those young at heart.

    For those with an appetite for inspiration, the in-store ComicCafé is the perfect place to dive into a novel, percolate ideas and fuel dreams. 
  • The store gives customers the freedom to experience reading comics in a dynamic and transformative way. Adventure starts the moment you crack open a book and instantly enter another realm.

    Inspired by 3D comic glasses, the store has VR reading pods for comic junkies to become fully immersed in their comic adventures. 
  • Even superheroes need a little pep in their step! More than a typical chocolate bar or protein bite, Zoom energy bars are made from stimulating guarana, rich cocoa beans and creamy caramel. This bar would be sold at the store or given out at promotional events and book signings.​​​​​​​
  • On-the-go comic lovers can carry their beloved books in a spiffy ComicCase, sport a ComicCap and T, or rock their socks off with an electric pair of ParaSocks.​​​​​​​