Daily Drawing 12/06/2014 - 12/15/2014

  • My other ongoing project, draw at least one drawing a day.  Recently I've been too busy to work on my bigger projects, so I decided to draw small and quite simple drawings that I can do in 5-10 min.  Even if I'm too busy, I can always make 10 min free time for myself.  This is a very important project for me to never stop creating.
    (Project started on June,04,2014)
  • Chicken for dinner!
  • I got a blue trapper.
  • A man reading.
  • I’ve been so tired all day for no reason. 
  • I like seeing small local yakitori places in Japan.
  • Napping with a rainbow dream. 
  • Disappearing head by leaning forward. 
  • A pink flower tree at night in Japan. 
  • A chestnut tree front of my home.
  • A winter tree.
  • My hot water bottle. 
    I like old school stuff!