• Future Fossils
    Remains of the Day
  • This is a subject which actually began as a B&W project back during my time at SVA. At the time I was living in Rockaway Beach and regularly found all manner of dead beasties in the vacant lots near the beach and of course on the beach itself. Due to the isolation of some of these areas I had the opportunity to return over time to record the slow decay and observe the cycle of death as green shoots and flowers grew up from the rotting carcasses to feed life. Combining a childhood fascination with paleontology with my growing interest in Buddhist concepts of impermanence and transformation, Future Fossils was born.
    This is a work in progress. I will not include any of the work shot on film here as I feel that work should remain in it's "analog" form, at least for now. This digital work was shot over the last two years in various locations.