Concert Posters/Flyers

  • FELA 10 Community 5 Year Anniversary Show Poster/Flyer
    This was a flyer promoting the FELA 10 Community 5 Year Anniversary Show at No Quarter Tavern. FELA 10 is an organization that books benefit concerts for charity, including Sean Casey Animal Rescue and The Big Brother Foundation. Performing acts are usually in the vein of the Hardcore/Metal/Punk genre. The idea behind the figure here is a maiden holding a gift or consumable on a serving tray. The item here is a skull, which is iconic in this music genre. The organic dress and claw fingers are purely aesthetic, but I was told by a fan that the iron claw and skull on a plate are iconic in Spanish culture. Something I was unaware of when creating this.
  • The Hidden Level at Lucky 13 Saloon Concert Flyer
  • FELA 10 Sean Casey Animal Rescue Show Poster/Flyer

  • The Hidden Level & Forget It Goodbye Show at King Killer Studios Poster/Flyer