Sharks for life

  • Sharks for life!
    SVA MFA Design, October, 2014
    We were asked to design a piece to touch friend's heart and document friend's reaction to piece for
    Stefan Sagmeister's class 'Can Design touch someone's heart?' at the School of Visual Arts MFA Design.
    Corman is the name of friend I selected to touch through design. Corman likes sharks, dinosaurs, garage rock and believes 'every man must have at least one denim jacket'.
    A custom denim jacket design for Corman with a personal seal design for him at the back of the jacket.
  • Reaction
  • Concept & Design
    Sabri Akın
    Wesker Zhan
    Stefan Sagmeister
    Yaxin Bai
    Viko J Chen
    Mohammad Sharaf
    SVA Printmaking Department
    Video Team
    Şerif Arzık
    Yonca Çubuk
    Ali Emre Doğramacı